Technical control

We provide control service within vessel control for fishing and cargo vessels as well as control of various types of cranes and other lifting equipment.

We have established cooperation with one of Norway's leading companies in maritime technology Global Maritime  which is an approved inspection body and issuer of vessel instructions.

 Together we can offer the following:

We perform heeling tests on all types of vessels.

We perform calculations using software from Hypet data AS.

We perform control according to form KS-0322 (SDIR).

We perform B1 control of several types of deck- cranes (SDIR).

We perform inspections in accordance with form KS-0115 (SDIR).

We perform length measurements in accordance with circular Series V (SDIR).

We enact poster in accordance with KS-0302 (SDIR).

We review the drawings and send electronically.

We submit the documentation for approval to the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

We perform scanning of hulls and arrangements for 3D modeling and drawings.

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More detailed information about our services is coming. In the meantime, feel free to contact us for more details.



Managing director

Mobile: +47 413 67 700