At Lomar Technology, we want to help develop the next generation of marine industry to achieve international sustainability goals and ensure profitable and motivating jobs for our customers and for our own company.
We do this by applying our knowledge, ingenuity and positive approach to the new and unknown. We are not afraid to take the lead in a new era, but see this as a unique opportunity to build a strong corporate culture with pride. 

In order to meet both our own and the industry's challenges, and at the same time be well equipped to meet the changes the industry is facing, we have launched a strategy that follows.

Sales and assignments
The assignments are the very foundation of our business and then the focus and our priorities must also be based on what it takes to win the right assignments, and not least ensure that we create profitability in the assignments. We do this by creating value in our assignments, both for the customer, society and for our company.

Our vision is that by understanding our customers' needs, we will realize progress and guarantee sustainable development wherever we are given the opportunity to contribute. If we are to succeed in this, we must also take on board the upheavals the marine industry is facing. Our ability to put technology, process and people together into effective, good and sustainable solutions is the key to future economic growth.

As a serious and forward-looking innovative company in Norway, we want to be at the forefront of digital innovation and development. We will enter into a dialogue with customers and partners to create new and effective digital products that provide benefits to both customers, the industry and the environment. We will also take the initiative to work more closely with our competitors in this area. Digitization and the use of new technology will further streamline parts of the industry.

There is a clear trend that the large projects are getting bigger and more complex. This also requires more and more of those who are set to lead and manage our assignments. This places even greater demands on professional competence, but perhaps just as important is the relational competence and the ability to form a good climate of cooperation between all the actors in the project and the value chain. The various players in the industry must interact in a completely different way than before and we must be able to think of common goals rather than just for our own gain. This is something our customers will both demand and expect to a greater extent in the future.

Our main actions
In our strategy, we have described some selected areas we must succeed in order to realize our operational goals;

  • Actively develop forms of collaboration with some selected core partners.
  • Facilitate digital innovation and develop new business models, together with our customers and partners.
  • Develop flexible consulting solutions that ensure profitability, the right competence and the right capacity.



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